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We have the most up to date service using the latest technology available for Orthodontic Treatment. So please come and see what you can achieve with our help. This page will hopefully inspire you to have treatment that you may have ignored for too long.

If you have a child from birth to eighteen years old we take care of the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of all kind of dental problems. Especially, if your child suffers from dental fear, we have the expertise to help him/her cope in the dental setting.

Our clinic is specially designed to be friendly and pleasant to children and enjoyable to adults. In the waiting area there is a large fish tank and a custom made playhouse to keep children busy and amused while waiting for their appointment. Two X BOX stations, a large flat screen television and plenty of books can also entertain all ages.

Our goal is to provide the most up to date dental and orthodontic services to our patients. Also, we aim to develop “dental fear free” children by using the approved behavior management techniques.

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