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The American Staffordshire Terrier is a medium sized short coated dog of great strength and agility. His determination and indomitable spirit are part of his terrier ancestry. His love of family and reliability with children are part of his considerable charm. The working character of this breed combined with his high intelligence and moderate, powerful athletic structure makes him ideally suited for many dog sports.
Breeder: Savvas Shiapanis
Regarding our dogs are all successful and high quality dogs with excellent placements both in Cyprus and in World Dog Shows. We only breed dogs with excellent health and with a balanced character as we want to be sure that we offer the best puppies as possible to the owners. The life expectancy of this breed may be 12 - 16 years with good care. Generally, health of an AmStaff is good, and the dogs have exceptionally strong constitutions.

As Health is the most important thing in our breeding programs we only use the best possible dogs for our breeding programs and all of our dogs are tested for Ataxia and Hyp Displasia.

Why “Cedar Valley?” Cedar Valley is one of the most beautiful places that someone can see in our island. Cedar Valley is located in the Mountains near Kykkos area and you can enjoy the view of thousands cedar trees.

My dogs are of high quality and have been successful in numerous dog shows, conquering excellent placements both in Cyprus and in World Dog Shows and in my breedings I always try to produce the best possible results having as priority the standards of the breed.

I am one of the Founders and the First President of the American Staffordshire Terrier Club in Cyprus, a position that I hold up to today. After passing the final judging exams, I also became an official FCI Judge, starting my career with Group 3 breeds.

What attracted me more on the American Staffordshire Terriers is their temperament, their good behaviour with children and their devotion to their owners.

Our kennel is located at the island of Cyprus. Each of our dogs is a special friend for us and we always try to offer them the best life as possible. Before deciding if an American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff) is good for you to learn about the history of the breed and also what this breed can offer to you and your family.

Looking for the first time at an American Staffordshire Terrier gives your the idea of an aggressive dog but this will go away after 5 minutes playing with them. This breed will make a great companion for an owner who plans to spend a lot of time with his dog and wants a close companion. Amstaff is not a good choice for a pet who will receive little or no attention. They are strong, determined and intelligent animals.

Be sure that you are ready to devote the time and energy to this dog that it requires. Amstaffs demands and thrives on a great deal of attention. Your relationship will benefit greatly from obedience training your dog. Due to his inquisitive intelligence and great strength for his size, this breed may require a more secure environment than some other breeds.

Choosing the right puppy for your and your family its always a very serious decision. You choose to take to your home a new member for your family that you want to enjoy for the longest time as possible that’s why its advised not to purchase an Amstaff from a pet retailer. In the case that you do so ask for all health certificates for the parents of the puppy like Ataxia and Hyp Displasia results. These are the main reasons that its always better to buy from a breeder. Contact reputable breeders by attending dog shows, asking at your local dog clubs, reading breed or all-breed dog magazines. The right dog will be with you for a long time avoiding any health problems that might come up after 4 or 5 years.

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