How can Cyprus online directory help my business?

Boost your brand and connect with new customers by listing your business on – Cyprus online directory.

Businesses today are bombarded from all angles by the promise of ‘more leads, more sales, more customers’ – if you list here, advertise there, or get online. Many of these promises require large outlays of money, money most small businesses in Cyprus struggle to justify spending. Advertising is a proven way to increase the knowledge of your business, and the internet is one of the few mediums that can actually deliver on the promise of reaching people 24 hours, 7 days a week and provide evidence of these visits.

It is estimated that approximately 65% of business websites in Cyprus are out of date and providing little to no return on investment (ROI). This is because many companies factor in the ‘development cost’ (often the biggest cost) and forget that there is also a greater hidden cost. This is the hidden cost, consumed in the time and effort required to update and maintain a website – something that often slips away over time and eventually stopping altogether.

Building and maintaining a site is only part of a website’s development. An additional two key factors to consider are traffic and conversions. How do you make your business look professional, persuading people to visit your site, and encouraging them to spend more money once they are there?

Confronted with these options, many businesses simply opt to have internet service provider email address and no online presence – because it’s the easiest option. This is where the power of our Cyprus online directory comes into strength. Online local directories such as are rapidly becoming ‘the way’ businesses are found. Local directories provide businesses an easy solution to reach a massive audience for minimal cost.

Traditionally, businesses have listed in the printed directories, such as yellow pages and advertised with media such as tv, radio and newspapers, however there is no real way to measure how many people read an ad, and then call the company simply because of this listing. And more importantly, if any company details change, such as the phone number or address, the listing is incorrect for the life of the advertising. In the case of a printed directory, this might be over 12 months.

Local directories such as are different, allowing a business to create a very detailed company profile, add up to 5 pictures and to link to a map for driving directions. This is information that can be updated and changed at anytime, while still being able to measure the effectiveness of the listing. This includes how many people viewed a listing, how many clicked and emailed the company or how many simply searched for a particular business. Listings can be quickly and easily changed to better target the audience a business is trying to attract.

The potential online audience is well over 300,000 – as every search online for a business or service could land on your business listing page.

In summary – Why should I list online if I don’t have a website?

  • Increase the visibility of your business
  • Attract new customers
  • An inexpensive way of having an online presence without the expense of a website
  • Quick and easy way to update company details
  • Have your business accessible to over 1,000 unique people every week


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